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How To Spot, Nurture, & Retain The Right Talent With YSC Consulting's Carly Lund

December 13, 2022 Laura Milstein and Gabriela Schulte
That Tech Pod
How To Spot, Nurture, & Retain The Right Talent With YSC Consulting's Carly Lund
Show Notes

Today on That Tech Pod, Laura and Gabi speak with Carly Lund. Carly is the Chief Digital & Data Officer at YSC Consulting. While at YSC Consulting, Carly has worked as part of the UK consulting team, partnering with a number of clients across a wide range of industries to support them in identifying and developing the right talent to support their strategic objectives.  Carly is a specialist in psychometric tools and is passionate about helping organizations to spot, nurture and retain talent through rigorous and fit-for-purpose talent solutions.  Beyond this, she is a positive, practical and challenging coach who partners with her clients to bring about sustainable and meaningful change to support them in fulfilling their potential. Carly is a chartered occupational psychologist who holds an MSc in Occupational Psychology from London Metropolitan University and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Kent at Canterbury.  Prior to joining YSC in 2016, she spent ten years with another global consultancy where she held a number of roles in their research and development teams as well as professional services.

This week's charity:

Since 1982, the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) has been a global leader in protecting whales and dolphins and their ocean habitats. 

IMMP pioneered the Dolphin Safe tuna fishing standard, stopping the intentional chasing and netting of dolphins by many tuna companies and preventing tens of thousands of dolphin deaths annually. We continue to monitor more than 800 tuna companies to ensure they are following Dolphin Safe fishing practices that protect dolphins and other marine life.

IMMP directed the historic rescue and release of the orca whale Keiko, made famous in the movie Free Willy, and is fighting to end the tragic slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, as featured in the Academy Award–winning movie The Cove

In addition, IMMP continues its ongoing campaigns to stop all trade in live dolphins and whales; to end the capture and captivity of whales and dolphins for circus performances; and to fight pollution and plastics in the ocean, particularly the entanglement of marine life in fishing gear.

We have achieved victories for marine mammals around the world and we continue to work to make the oceans safe for whales, dolphins, and marine life.

We are a proud project of the nonprofit tax-deductible Earth Island Institute, and are headquartered in Berkeley, California USA.