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Advertising Diversity Through AI With PAI's Rebecca Finlay & EY's Todd Marlin

June 21, 2022 Laura Milstein and Gabriela Schulte
That Tech Pod
Advertising Diversity Through AI With PAI's Rebecca Finlay & EY's Todd Marlin
Show Notes

Today on That Tech Pod, Laura and Gabi speak with AI experts, PAI's Rebecca Finlay and Ernst & Young's Todd Marlin.

Rebecca Finlay is the CEO at Partnership on AI overseeing the organization’s mission and strategy. In this role, Rebecca ensures that the PAI Team and our global community of Partners work together so that developments in AI advance positive outcomes for people and society.

Most recently, Rebecca was Vice President, Engagement and Public Policy at CIFAR. In this role, Rebecca founded the Institute’s global knowledge mobilization practice, bringing together experts in industry, civil society, and government to accelerate the societal impact of CIFAR’s research programs. In 2017, she was responsible for the launch of CIFAR’s AI & Society program to support international working groups on the questions AI poses for all aspects of policy and society. In 2019, she launched CIFAR Solution Networks to support multi-year, international teams in the development of responsible approaches to real-world applications of AI. She led CIFAR’s partnerships with governments and public sector organizations, diversifying the organization’s funding sources internationally.

Prior to joining CIFAR, Rebecca held leadership roles in research and civil society organizations including as Group Director, Public Affairs and Cancer Control for the Canadian Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute of Canada. She began her career in the private sector building strategic partnerships, including as First Vice President, Financial Institution and Partnership Marketing for Bank One International. In 2019, Rebecca was honored as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In 2022, she was appointed to the Strategic Advisory Council of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. She holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and McGill University. She is an active volunteer and lives with her family in Toronto, Canada.

Todd Marlin is a principal in Ernst & Young LLP’s Forensic & Integrity Services practice and is the Global Forensic Technology and Innovation Leader. Mr. Marlin is a trusted advisor to the C-suite, board of directors and General Counsel on complex issues surrounding data, security and legal and compliance risks. His main focus areas are forensic data analytics,
cybersecurity, computer forensics, fraud detection, and electronic discovery. Adept in big data analytics and data science, his team helps clients develop custom models to identify, expose and demonstrate relationships, trends and patterns within complex and disparate data. Mr. Marlin applies his extensive experience in data analytics and computer forensics to help businesses monitor, investigate, mitigate and recover from cyber breaches, as well as
fraudulent and criminal activities by rogue employees. Mr. Marlin has led numerous global projects for Fortune 500 companies and worked with both inside and outside counsel to navigate data and security challenges in critical situations and to manage legal, regulatory and financial risks. His unique background in accounting and technology enables him to
effectively work with multi-disciplinary stakeholders in complex legal, security and compliance issues. He has appeared on behalf of clients in front of the NYSE and SEC. Mr. Marlin has also served as a Neutral Expert and an Expert and has been appointed in Federal Court as a Special Master relating to electronic discovery disputes.